Naming Ceremonies

Surely the most wonderful gift of all is the birth of a baby!  The first and most significant gift we give our child is their name.   A naming ceremony formally celebrates the naming of a child, and welcomes them into the family and the community.   It is a defining event for the parents, grandparents and godparents or guardians.   I can help you create an individual ceremony to celebrate the birth of your child, including all your hopes and dreams for their future and involvement by the guardians you have appointed.    If you choose, we can also include grandparents in the ceremony to honour their commitment to your child.      A bound souvenir copy of the ceremony, a Naming Certificate, and 2 Guardian certificates are included in my price.

There is no age limit on Naming ceremonies, and you can even hold a ceremony for a change of name of an adopted child or for an adult who is changing their name.

“Baby love, baby mild; Welcome, welcome, brand-new child”   Linda Robertson

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Renewing your vows is a way for you as a couple to celebrate your continuing commitment to your marriage vows.     You may do this at a significant anniversary such as 10 years or 25 or even 50 years after you married.  You may have married away from home and wish to celebrate again with family and friends in Perth, who missed out on the actual day.    You can reaffirm your original vows or create a new ceremony to incorporate the changes and challenges of your life together.      I look forward to helping you create a truly memorable day for your renewal ceremony.   Men, it’s a great anniversary present to your wife, to thank her, and show her how much you love her, one of my customers, Chris, surprised his wife Geneva with a beautiful Renewal Ceremony.   She found out on the day!

“Grow old along with me! the best is yet to be”  Robert Browning

 Other Ceremonies

Consult me for advice and information on ceremonies I can create for other life transitions or events, these may include significant birthdays, graduations, retirement, and pet memorials.

Why wait until you pass away to celebrate your life achievements – I can help you create, then perform a ceremony at a graduation party or significant birthday party; or help you create a fitting memorial for your beloved pet.